About Enrico Lorenzani

Italian Landscape Photographer

Enrico Lorenzani is a top Italian landscape photographer. His photography art has been featured on NationalGeographic.it, SONY, Sigma Imaging UK, and on Visitlazio.com.

Born in Rome, his background in fine art studies and living in the “Eternal City” have probably influenced his concept of beauty; however, he believes nature in all its forms is still the greatest piece of art eyes can witness.

Enrico Lorenzani developed an interest in photography in 2001 after moving to the UK and while studying photography he soon realized that through photographs he had an “alibi” to feed his true addiction, travel.

Soon he developed a passion for landscape photography and the “adventure” behind it and through his photography hopes his audience will connect with a passionate vision.

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“I like the journey that takes place when capturing the right photograph: the planning, the wait, the right moment, the variable weather conditions, and the fearless approach to the unexpected. The intimacy of these moments when I am immersed in nature, is an adventure itself that enriches me every time and I'm just one of those lucky guys who is able to witness what this world has to offer. I hope you like my collection.”